Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy (Belated) Canada Day!

(Image: The Canadian-built robot arm attaching the space shuttle docked to the Hubble Space Telescope with the Earth in the background.)

Oh yeah, and my second attempt at preparing periplasm DNA was... inconclusive. But it was pretty interesting to try out. In particular, the TE/CsCl/phenol/acetone extraction was quite compelling visually, involving small bubbles breaking up and reforming. I need to start these experiments out at a smaller scale.

And luckily, we've received radiolabeled dATP, so I can do some more sensitive and controlled experiments next week. The use of radiolabeled uptake fragments will be significantly more sensitive and allow me to use small cultures and follow small amounts of uptake DNA.

Once I've got a functioning uptake assay, I can work out the best purification method and scale up from there.

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