Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hi blog!

So I’ve returned to work after a 3.5 week vacation to Bali! Woo! Time to catch up on some long non-blogging. But before that...

Here’s where my crazy Uncle Jimmy took me and the missus for a few days… Gili Gede (meaning “Little Island Big”) off the coast of Lombok (which appears to be experiencing a gold-rush, so go now before its all built up!).
The ferry between Bali and Lombok took us across the legendary "Wallace Line", though my total ignorance of systematics means I couldn't really tell the difference in flora and fauna between the islands. (Though we did see a HUGE monitor lizard near a brick-making operation.)

I stayed out at the end of this pier on the lower left at the “Secret Island Resort”. (Note the vessel that took us snorkeling to the immediate South... the "Scorpio".
And here's an actual shot of the infamous "Rocky Docky" with the lovely Heather in the foreground:
The reef was right over the edge of the pier, so snorkeling to see all the corals and fishies was optional. You could just look over the edge! Excellent!

Anyways, I've been getting my head back into things and am writing a few blog posts about what’s going on in my world-of-science. So expect a deluge of catch-up posts during the next day or two…

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