Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Whew! Rosie and I just made what I consider a heroic effort to produce a grant application to Genome BC to use DNA sequencing to measure recombination biases during H. influenzae natural transformation.

It was heroic not only because we finally decided to apply only late last week, but because our co-funding support is tenuous at best. Genome BC requires that we match their funds at least equally with funds from another source. Rosie has funding, but it was applied for too long ago and the proposal only indirectly relates to our planned sequencing. We also applied for a CIHR grant recently, but will not have reviews until after the Genome BC committee meets in early January. The best hope of adequate co-funding comes from my NIH postdoctoral fellowship grant application (a resubmission) late this summer, for which I should have scores (or lack thereof) within a couple of weeks. If the application gets a good score, we can tell Genome BC that the major threat to the success of our application is ameliorated.

Almost immediately after submitting the grant application with Rosie last night, I had to turn to editing my buddy's manuscript (which I am an author on), which takes on the weighty topic of detecting rearrangements in complex mammalian genomes from limited sequencing data. I just turned my edits over to the corresponding author, and now, after letting the excess nitrogen out of my bloodstream, I need to decide what to do next.

Since aforementioned buddy also has taken several DNA samples off my hands for sequencing, I think I'd best turn to purifying uptake DNA from the periplasm of competent cells. I've already gotten things fairly well under way (see here, here, and here), but there's a bunch of uptake experiments waiting to be done. So tonight, I'll inoculate some cultures, so I can try a large-scale periplasmic DNA prep tomorrow, and tomorrow I'll also order some more radiolabel for doing more sensitive uptake experiments.

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