Tuesday, November 17, 2009

USS uptake with Illumina adaptors

(I'm somehow deeply amused by the above image. I think it has something to do with the arrow going from the DNA molecule to the sun.)

I've finally gotten around to doing some uptake experiments with the control sequences I got for our degenerate USS experiments. The important thing was to make sure that the constructs would behave as our older ones do with our new-fangled design that will allow for Illumina sequencing directly from the purified periplasmic DNA (i.e. no library construction steps)...

And it worked quite well! I also scaled these experiments down, so that I could more easily do some saturation curves tomorrow.

Results today for uptake of 8 ng of 200 bp DNA (~160 million molecules) by ~200 million competent cells (in 200 ul):

O.G.-USS1 -> 33.5%
New-USS1 -> 35.4%
New-USSV6 -> 3.7%
New-USSR -> 0.7%

Right on target!

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